Management (Fortnightly meetings)

Key Responsibilities:

Managing the day to day running of the building. Ensuring that the building is being used to it’s capacity. Identifying new areas for improvement throughout the theatre and always looking for continuous improvement. To allow us to be the leaders of live theatre in our city. Controlling finances. Working alongside hirers.

Council Newport Playgoers (Every 2 months meetings)

Key responsibilities:

All departmental heads meet with the Management team. To bring new initiatives to the table. Reporting developments within the departments. Updates on current projects & productions.

Artistic (Monthly Meetings)

Key Responsibilities

A team of members compile a reading list of plays. After the plays have been read by the team they propose a shortlist, at that stage they pull together a balanced programme appealing to a wide audience. Once the season has been approved by Council. Directors are invited to submit which plays they would be interested in directing. Once the directors have been selected the artistic team organise public readings prior to the auditions and subsequently cast the productions in conjunction with the directors.

Technical Newport Playgoers (Every 2 months meetings)

Key Responsibilities:

All heads of the technical departments meet with productions teams to discuss requirements for all Newport Playgoer productions and to keep tight control of the budgets.

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