Properties (Props) & Furniture Hire

If you want to be involved in the actual performance of a play but cannot commit yourself to the whole rehearsal period or every night of the run, or don’t see yourself as an actor, then props is probably the place for you.

Any inanimate object used by an actor in the course of a play is the responsibility of the Props section. This might include food which is eaten, everyday objects like telephones, newspapers or crockery or items which have to be specially made such as an animated model of a Hound used in a production of “The Hound Of The Baskervilles"!

The Props department is also responsible for any weapons used, such as guns or swords. A list of all the things needed is given to the Props master/mistress by the Director. Substitute props are often required for rehearsals so that actors can familiarise themselves with their use. The real thing, in correct style or period, is provided at the technical rehearsal.

A member of the Props team must be present during each performance to ensure that props are placed in the correct position on stage, at the correct time, or are on the Props table from where the actors can collect and return them.

The good thing about props is that by working in the wings you actually feel part of the performance.

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