Publicity & Marketing

It's no fun rehearsing for weeks and then playing to houses of ten or twenty people - you want your efforts to be seen by as many as possible - and the Box Office receipts are what pay the bills - running a city centre theatre is not something that can be done on a shoestring.

The key to getting people to come and see shows is good publicity. This includes poster design and production, setting up publicity photo-shoots, arranging advertising, identifying the target groups – e.g. schools for set texts, drama students for new and innovative works, young children and family shows and so on. The marketing team co-ordinates the various activities and tries to make advertising as costeffective as possible.

If you think you have a flair for poster design or know how to effectively sell the idea of going out to the theatre, why not have a go? It's certainly one of the more challenging areas of running The Dolman Theatre and Newport Playgoers.

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